Submit Your Tattoo!


What we DO want:

Submit a large, high quality photo that focuses on your tattoo. Please include where you got it (including state/country) and who did it. You can share as many or as few other details as you like.

What we DON’T want:

Don’t submit poor quality photos, backwards/mirrored tattoos, fake tattoos, tattoo flash. We do not accept NSFW or provocative photos or tattoo imagery or descriptions that use profanity. We do not condone unsafe work done in a friend/fiance/mom’s basement/kitchen/living room/etc. by untrained artists/scratchers. The practice is incredibly unsanitary and can lead to blood borne disease and/or infection.

Important stuff you should know before submitting:

The submission process usually takes 7-10 days. If your submission isn’t published, you can resubmit after 2 weeks.

Your submission will be very public and almost as permanent as your tattoo. Do not submit tattoos you’re hiding from your parents/boss/whoever.

By submitting your photo here, you’re granting FYT the right to use your submission for publication and promotional purposes (e.g., on Facebook).

Questions, copyright concerns, and requests for post removal should be directed to fyeahtattoos(AT) rather than this form.